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WARNING: It will include spoilers for each the animated and stay motion movies. 


Magnificence and the Beast is likely one of the basic Disney princess tales; a younger Belle chooses to take her father’s place as prisoner of the Beast – who’s a cursed prince. This story is so basic that Disney determined to convert their unique animated movie to a live-action model in 2017, which starred Emma Watson. Clearly, there shall be variations between the live-action and animated movies, partially as a result of the truth that there are limitations to what CGI can do properly. Nonetheless, had been these variations sufficiently big to vary the plot? Did these modifications make the remake higher or worse? Nicely, keep tuned whereas we dive into some key variations within the movies. 

Belle’s Attire

Belle’s Blue and Yellow Attire. Retrieved from Disney and https://www.comejoinmyjourney.com/riquewihr-beauty-beast-fairytale-village/ 

Let’s begin straightforward: the costumes. Belle’s blue gown is definitely very related in each movies, although the live-action movie model does have extra element. Nonetheless, Belle’s yellow gown actually has many extra variations. After taking a look at French robe fashions from the 1800s (the movie occurred between 1790-1880), I really feel that the animated gown is truly extra traditionally correct general, particularly being most just like French clothes in 1860.

French Garments from the 1860s. Retrieved from https://fashionhistory.fitnyc.edu/1860-cream-silk-evening-dress/ and https://fashionhistory.fitnyc.edu/1869-2/ 

So, why did Disney resolve to make this one particular element much less traditionally correct?

Extra Historic Accuracy Questions

Let’s dive into some extra of the historic inaccuracies within the movie. Whereas general the movie feels extra French, I’m left with a number of questions: the prince and plenty of of his friends within the first scene are seen carrying very dramatic make-up (extra data may be discovered right here).

Beast’s Make-up within the Opening Scene. Retrieved from Disney.

Nonetheless, this type of make-up went out of vogue within the 1780s. Within the animated movie’s introduction tune, it says that the rose “bloom till his twenty first 12 months”. If we assume this is similar for the live-action movie, we are able to collect that the life-action movie occurred no later than 1811. However, since Belle’s animated gown is most correct to the 1860s, does this imply that the movies happen throughout totally different instances? I don’t imagine this to be the case, I merely assume that the movie isn’t very traditionally correct. Nonetheless, I do assume that the addition of the cliché French wigs, make-up, and clothes actually aided in establishing that this takes place in France. Moreover, there are a lot of extra French phrases thrown into the dialogue, which aids with the French feeling as properly. 

Extra In regards to the Opening Scene

Let’s speak a bit extra concerning the intro scene in each movies: within the animated model, Beast’s story of turning into Beast is informed by means of stained glass home windows and a voice-over.

Stained Glass from Opening Scene. Retrieved from Disney.

I do imagine that this was an extremely stunning approach to inform the story, however this methodology was additionally modified within the live-action model. Within the live-action model, the start story is informed by means of regular performing. Nonetheless, this scene additionally options the dramatic make-up I discussed earlier. Why do I level this out? Nicely, I imagine that within the animated movie they selected to make the intro scene a stained-glass piece to make Beast’s human kind a shock. I imagine that this identical purpose is the purpose why Beast’s princely kind had make-up on. We will see proof of this in each movies when Beast is remodeled into his human self; he’s modified by the magic however we don’t see his total physique altering, solely his fingers, toes, and eyes. When he’s left on his toes, he has his again turned to the digital camera and turns round after he processes that he’s human once more and that’s when his face is revealed. 

Beast Proper After Transformation. Retrieved from Disney.

The Curse

Let’s speak concerning the curse. Within the animated movie, Beast and his citadel are cursed by the sorceress, who disappears instantly after cursing the prince. There aren’t any middleman penalties, all that occurs is that Beast and the workers are ready for his or her 21 years to be up. What this doesn’t clarify is why the townspeople don’t do not forget that there’s a large citadel and a prince. What do they assume occurred? This is all modified within the live-action model. The sorceress is a personality named Agathe who’s considerably concerned by means of the complete plot.

Agathe. Retrieved from Disney.

With every petal that falls from the rose the citadel crumbles extra and the workers change into extra inanimate. Beast is become his human self by Agathe after the petals fall, whereas within the animated model he’s merely magically healed. A part of Agathe’s curse says that the Beast, workers, and chateau shall be forgotten by the townspeople, which does remedy the small plot gap within the animated model. Nonetheless, a good bigger plot gap is created as a result of this: when the townspeople all of the sudden bear in mind the citadel dwellers, Cogsworth’s spouse and Mrs. Pott’s husband rush to greet their spouses.

Mrs. Potts and Cogsworth with their Spouses. Retrieved from Disney.

Nonetheless, if 25 years have handed, why do all of them look related in age? Does this imply that the townspeople don’t age? In that case, why haven’t Belle and her father seen? 


One change made within the live-action movie that I like is the rose that Belle’s father is incarcerated for: that is the rationale Belle’s father is taken within the unique ebook. Belle requests “a rose. Just like the one within the portray,” referencing a paining of her late mom. I additionally fairly just like the addition of roses all through the plot, since it is extremely paying homage to the story. 

Beast’s Character

Now for my favourite change within the live-action movie: Beast’s character. First off, it’s defined that Beast is the way in which he’s as a result of his father abused him. As we transfer by means of the movie, we are able to see that Beast is far much less liable to his matches of anger and begins exhibiting emotion. Within the animated film, Beast isn’t a lot of a reader and simply lets Belle learn to him. Nonetheless, we are able to see within the live-action movie that Beast is simply as a lot of a bookworm as Belle.

Beast and Belle Studying Collectively Throughout Dinner and Belle Studying to Beast. Retrieved from Disney.

There’s a scene the place Belle is quoting Shakespeare and Beast finishes the quote. Belle mentions that her favourite play is “Romeo and Juliet” and Beast scoffs since he doesn’t like romance, which reveals how he’s very cynical and doesn’t essentially imagine in romance. Nonetheless, a number of scenes later, Belle catches him studying “King Arthur and the Knights of the Spherical Desk”, which she factors out is virtually a romance as a result of Guinivere and Lancelot’s arc. Beast reluctantly agrees, which reveals how he’s transitioned right into a little bit of a romantic. And the most effective a part of Beast’s improvement? Nicely, his new tune!

Beast’s New Music

This tune, titled “Evermore”, tells how Beast will all the time love Belle whilst she leaves him. He mourns the lack of the life he may have had together with her and displays on how he modified from a spoiled prince to the person he’s. The very best factor? It’s apparent that Beast doesn’t remorse letting Belle in, regardless that it hurts a lot, which actually reveals the height of his character arc. 

Six Extra Adjustments (Temporary Version)

There are various extra modifications made that I gained’t go in depth to however will nonetheless depart with you. 

Firstly, Gaston seems as rather more of a villain in the live-action movie. 

Secondly, within the live-action movie LaFou isn’t as a lot of a brainless follower and is rather more skeptical of Gaston and even develops a conscience. 

Thirdly, Belle’s home is now not within the nation however within the village sq.. 

Belle’s Homes. Retrieved from Disney.

Fourthly, the triplet ladies have a brand new design. 

The Triplets. Retrieved from Disney.

Fifthly, Belle’s father is an inventor in the animated movie whereas he’s an artist in the live-action movie. 

Maurice’s Designs. Retrieved from Disney.

Sixthly, Belle’s fathers is fascinated by the workers within the unique movie however is fearful of them within the live-action movie. 


There are various, many variations between the 2 movies, and I encourage you to seek out them! I personally seen no less than two Harry Potter references – do you see these too? Which movie do you assume is healthier? Which movie do you assume is extra correct? 

That’s all for now. Subsequent time we shall be taking a look at Mulan, so keep tuned! 

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